Second Annual District Lunch at Bury

The second annual District Lunch was held on Sunday 4th March 2018 at Bury Masonic Hall. Rose Croix Masons from Chapters across the District, accompanied by family members and friends, braved the awful weather to support the event.

We were particularly honoured by the presence the Inspector General for the District of South West Lancashire, V.Ill.Bro. Ian Clark 33° and his wife Lois, marking the close friendship between our two districts.

An excellent hot buffet was provided by Fine Dine, the ‘in-house’ caterers for Bury Masonic Hall. There were two choices for the meat eaters and a hearty vegetarian option together with what seemed a never-ending supply of garlic bread, new potatoes and chips. A wonderful selection of desserts, cheese and biscuits and tea and coffee followed.

Once we were enjoying our tea and coffee, Ill.Bro. Jack Aston, the District Recorder, provided some light-hearted after-dinner entertainment by running two quizzes, each with a prize of a donated bottle of wine, both of which were won by Ill.Bro. Steve Flanagan’s table (did someone cry “fix”!).

Our thanks go to Bury Masonic Hall for providing such a warm and welcoming venue, Fine Dine for the splendid buffet and of course, to Jack Aston, the District Recorder, for organising the whole event. We now look forward to the third annual District lunch in 2019, provisionally to be held at a venue in the more Northern part of the District.





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