Mark Wilkinson Chapter hosts the inaugural District-wide Family Lunch

In response to a suggestion made at the District AGM in October 2015, the Most Wise Sovereign and Officers of Mark Wilkinson Chapter at Darwen kindly volunteered to host an inaugural District Family Lunch at their meeting on Saturday 8th April 2017.

By happy coincidence, the Chapter’s business meeting is held on the Saturday before Good Friday, so is perfectly timed to celebrate the events of Easter. In recent years it has also been the practice to invite a local Minister to deliver an Easter message at the festive board following the Chapter meeting and it was felt that this format would ideally suit a social event with ladies and gentlemen visitors present.

While the Chapter members and visiting Princes carried out the Chapter business upstairs, the ladies and a couple of gentlemen guests received a tongue-in-cheek slide presentation from the Inspector General followed by a Q&A session on Freemasonry.

Lunch was duly served at 12.30 pm, when around 40 diners gathered in the Hawkshaw Suite to enjoy a splendid buffet provided by Wilkinson’s Caterers.


The Most Wise Sovereign, E&P Bro Robert Norris welcomed the ladies, gentlemen and two guest speakers, noting that this was the first time such an event had been held in the District, and, he hoped, not the last.

Following the lunch, we were entertained by the Reverend Geoff Tulley who spoke about the significant characters in history whose lives had been influenced by the story of the Resurrection and the Reverend Lena Talbot who gave an excellent discourse on the Easter story, comparing and contrasting the different versions in the four Gospels.

By 2.30 pm it was all over and the diners, two of whom had travelled all the way from Stafford, were on their way home.

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