Bethel Chapter hosts the annual New Perfectees’ Meeting

Following the introduction of a New Perfectees’ meeting in 2016, the format was repeated at Bethel Chapter No.290 on Saturday 11th February 2017. A total of 6 recently Perfected Rose Croix Masons were present, together with members of their Chapters and other visitors, to witness the Enthronement of Ill.Bro Jack Aston, 32°, the District Recorder, by the Most Wise Sovereign, Ill.Bro Peter Holt, 32°.

Following the Enthronement, the Inspector General for North East Lancashire, V.Ill.Bro David Biggs, 33° delivered the “Perfection in Perspective” lecture. This paper provides a detailed explanation of each section of the Rose Croix Degree ‘Perfection’ Ceremony and concludes with a commentary on the Enthronement Ceremony which is the only other ceremony performed in a Rose Croix Chapter. Unlike most other Masonic Degrees and Orders, there is nothing in the Enthronement Ceremony which cannot be witnessed by all members, regardless of rank, so no-one is required to leave the Chapter while the ceremony is conducted.

Bethel Feb 17.jpg

Picture (courtesy of V.Ill.Bro. David Bouic Hawkins) shows the newly Enthroned MWS, the Inspector General and several of the newly Perfected and visiting Brethren

An additional item on the summons was the presentation of a Supreme Council Certificate of Perfection to E&P Bro Andrew Greenhalgh, which was also conducted by the Inspector General before the business of the Chapter was concluded and a splendid dinner was served by Paul and his staff at Ashday Lea.

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