Higher Degrees ~ November 2016

The following Brethren from the North East Lancashire District received promotions at the Higher Degrees Meeting held at the Grand East, 10 Duke Street, St. James’s on Monday 14th November 2016:

Ill.Bro. J Robert Lowe, 30° – William Horrocks Chapter No. 603, Blackburn

Ill.Bro. Edwin Hardman, 30° – Canon Francis Paton-Williams Chapter No.781, Rawtenstall

Congratulations to our newly promoted Brethren, we hope you enjoyed the ceremony and the festive board!

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1 Response to Higher Degrees ~ November 2016

  1. Edwin Hardman says:

    This was an excellent ceremony held in an incredible venue. Together with the social board, the whole occasion was an experience that will long live in the memory. To the officers of Supreme Council who gave their time to make this a special event for us, well done and many thanks.


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